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What is EUMETCast Americas?


EUMETCast Americas is the component of GEONETCast, a near real time, global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems designed to distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data, metadata and products to diverse communities.


This user-driven, user-friendly and low-cost information dissemination service aims to provide global information as a basis for sound decision-making in a number of critical areas, including public health, energy, agriculture, weather, water, climate, natural disasters and eco-systems. Accessing and sharing such a range of vital data will yield societal benefits through improved human health and well-being, environment management and economic growth.


EUMETCast receiving technology is based on using widespread and off-the-shelf components allowing for widespread adoption of the service at low cost. An entire receiving station can be purchased and installed for $2,000–3,000.


EUMETCast is led by EUMETSAT in Europe (EUMETCAST).


GEONETCast is part of the Group on Earth Observation’s contribution to the organization of the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS)


EUMETCast Americas is a contribution from the EUMETSAT whose goal is to enable enhanced dissemination, application, and exploitation of environmental data and products for the diverse societal benefits defined by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), including agriculture, energy, health, climate, weather, disaster mitigation, biodiversity, water resources, and ecosystems.



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